Esports has moved from just being a hobby to being a professional industry that is being supported by gaming console companies (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo), game developers (Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Nintendo). Platforms such as Twitch, Discord and Youtube allow for gamers to live stream games and develop “fans” for their style of play which can eventually lead to being recruited for colleges that have esports programs, or lead them to being recruited to play professionally for a team. Esports provides an opportunity to expose youth to different aspects of STEM education and careers related to the gaming industry from being a professional gamer, to marketing, broadcasting, coding, game development, and many other careers.

BUFTX is proud to partner with D.A.R.E. PLUS and Generation Esports an industry leader in connecting gaming to STEM principles and helping students enter the gaming and technology industries to offer an esports program in Houston!!! Now the answer to that question of what good can come from these video games is a starting salary of $75,000 or endorsements or SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!

Aldine ISD Adopting Excellence Pilot

During the month of June, students at Teague Middle School and Nimitz High School participated in the Adopting Excellence Pilot Program. Through this program students learned about careers in the gaming industry, talked to technology professionals from Logitech, Tesla, EA Sports. Funding for this pilot program was provided by Logitech, we are thankful to our partners who made this program a success, Aldine ISD, High School E-Sports League and D.A.R.E. PLUS.

Teague Testimonials

Testimonial from Teague Middle School Assistant Principal Mr. Toliver about impact of Adopting Excellence Program on his students.

Testimonial from Teague Assistant Principal Mr. Toliver

Interview with Teague Middle School Technology Teacher Mr. Cozie about the impact of the Adopting Excellence Program.

BUFTX E-Sports League Registration