When Hurricane Harvey hit Southeast Texas in 2017, we were out in under-served communities helping people that weren’t getting help from larger organizations or the federal government. Here we are highlighting our work with State Representative Jarvis Johnson & Michael Blackson and our work in the communities of Orange and Bon Weir, TX just east of Houston.

State Representative Jarvis Johnson & Michael Blackson

We partnered with State Rep. Jarvis Johnson, Comedian Michael Blackson and Sam’s Club on Rice Ave to take five families shopping to get them supplies they needed to help begin to rebuild their lives.

Orange & Bon Weir Texas

On September 8, 2017 we made our first trip to Orange and Bon Weir. We we’re the first people to bring aid and supplies to Bon Weir. We continued to take trips to Orange to deliver supplies, and to see how the recovery process was going. We worked with Unity is Wealth, The Pause Network and God’s Child/Katrina Kid’s Bears, Hugs and Love out of New Orleans, LA to bring supplies to the people of Orange.