Social justice is justice rooted in the idea that all people should have equal rights, opportunity, and treatment. Social injustice is when actions are taken that infringe upon a group’s rights, marginalize their opportunities, or treat them unfairly. The absence of social justice results in “social oppression.”

To overcome the “social oppression” a community must be recognized and have their voice heard. These two actions come from participating in the census and voting. Traditionally in Black and Latinx communities, community members have not understood the power to change their communities lies in these two activities. With the census we ensure that everyone is counted no matter their immigration status and voting is the essential instrument that can change the landscape of the
local city and county government, state and ultimately the federal government government.

Therefore, Black United Fund of Texas is on point in safeguarding our social justice by encouraging everyone to join us in upholding those that are standing in the gap to help overcome voter suppression. We need to ensure those that are endangered to be jailed or demoted must be assisted and protected while defending our Voting Rights.
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